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Dental Implants

Our dental office often sees patients who could gain assistance from dental implants. Patients who have missing teeth are pleased that they can now get permanent replacements for these teeth. The American Dental Association highly regards dental implants. The group praises implants as being one of the best modern innovations in dentistry.

Our dental implant specialist, Dr. Shahkarami, believes patients need to know that dental implants are not just cosmetic, but they have definite health impacts. Here are the most important health-related reasons for getting dental implants.

  • Lesser impact on existing teeth- Dental bridges were once the most common tooth replacement method. Even though bridges are useful, implants are a superior choice because our dentist will not alter the healthy teeth around the space to help secure a bridge.
  • Prevention of bone loss- When a permanent tooth is missing, your body reacts, and your brain receives signals that the space the tooth once occupied is not useful. With no root to fill in the space, your body permits the jaw to degenerate slowly. The resulting bone loss is unhealthy and unattractive. When Dr. Shahkarami places the implant in your mouth, the body feels it and considers the jaw bone necessary because it is holding a tooth. There is no longer a risk of bone loss.

The dental implant process can take a lot of time. From start to finish, our patients spend several months working toward completed implants.

Your treatment takes place in our office, where Dr. Shahkarami and a dental assistant will be at chairside, performing the implant procedure. Our office places your dental implants in two phases.

PHASE ONE-The first step is administering a local anesthetic; then our dentist makes a small cut in your gum. Our dentist preps the empty area and inserts a screw into your jaw and closes the incision.

Healing your gums and fusing the screw to your jaw are natural processes that take place next. Your jaw must heal before phase two begins. Because each patient is unique, this takes between three and six months. Once your jaw bone fuses around the screw, there is a base for the next phase of treatment.

PHASE TWO- During step two of the implant process, Dr. Shahkarami places an abutment on the screw. This is the base of your new tooth. Next, Dr. Shahkarami makes an impression of the abutment. This will be the mold for your permanent crown. Creating and placing the permanent crown is the final step, and you can enjoy your implants.

Call our office if you think dental implants could be right for you. Dr. Shahkarami and our staff can give you the details that you need to decide regarding implants.


Implant and Anterior Crowns

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Invisalign Implant Veneers



Love this dentist!

The whole team is friendly and helpful. I love how everything is online and easy to use. I highly recommend this place!

Rachel, Los Angeles


Quick, painless and extremely friendly!

Finally getting around to going to dentist. Quick, painless and extremely friendly. The staff is extremely pleasant and friendly. I will definitely be returning!

Abby, Los Angeles


You can't ask for anything better!

I've been going to SoCal Smiles for over a year. They have proved time and time again how sensitive and responsive they are. I'm a baby when it comes to dental work and ended up needing to replace a filing that was causing me a problem. They worked with me on every level and were very patient and understanding. You can't ask for anything better than that.

April, Camarillo


I have been telling everyone I work with to go see SoCal Smiles!

I went back for a deep cleaning and it was a great experience. Dr. Shahkarami is very personable and made me feel like she at ease. She explained everything I needed and each procedure. My sister also sees them now since my experience was so great and I have been telling everyone I work with to go see SoCal Smiles!

 Gabriella, Camarillo

Financial options

Dr. Shahkarami and her team believe every patient deserves the benefits of a healthy mouth and confident smile. A variety of payment options makes high quality dental care affordable to virtually every budget.

SoCalSmiles Dental Office is an in-network provider with most PPO dental insurance plans. Our friendly front desk staff is happy to assist with insurance questions and coverage estimates.

We accept these forms of payment for uninsured costs:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • CareCredit treatment financing

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