Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

While the focus of Dr. Shahkarami and our staff is to do everything possible to save your natural teeth; there are times when the presenting problem is too far along to reverse. In cases like this, we look to dentures to help our patients have the necessary dentals to eat and speak normally.

There are two types of dentures which we use in our office; these are full dentures and partial dentures. The differences, as the names suggest, lie in the amount of coverage the dentures give a patient.


Dr. Shahkarami recommends partial dentures, often called partials, to patients who have one or more natural teeth in place. A partial denture can either be permanent or removable.

  • Permanent partial dentures attach to the teeth on either side of the space they will occupy. Occasionally, our dentist must enhance the anchor teeth with crowns to they will be a secure base for the partials. Once the anchor teeth can support the partial dentures, Dr. Shahkarami cements the partials into place.
  • Removable partial dentures consist of a plastic, gum colored base which often connects to a wire that holds the partial in place.


A patient receives a full set of dentures (also called complete dentures) when they have no healthy teeth to attach a partial set of dentures.

We often fit a patient receiving dentures with something called immediate dentures. These are a set of dentures which a patient can wear right away after their tooth extractions. Quite often Dr. Shahkarami recommends that the immediate dentures are just a temporary measure. The immediate dentures are best as a temporary measure because while the jaw and gums heal from the extractions, they also tend to shrink. The shrinkage creates a poor fit, and immediate dentures need frequent adjusting during the healing process. However, the temporary dentures allow our patients to have teeth during the healing process. It also gives patients head starts in the process of adjusting to dentures.

The conventional dentures, which most of our patients wear, do not arrive until the eight to 12-week post-extraction healing process is complete. These dentures will fit precisely into your mouth. If something does not feel right while wearing your new dentures, please let Dr. Shahkarami know so that she can adjust your dentures. Although there is usually a period when your dentures feel odd and unfamiliar, if you experience sores, bleeding, swelling, or signs of infection contact our office immediately.

Many of our patients who get dentures are overjoyed with their beautiful teeth. Dentures are no longer exclusively for the elderly. If you think that dentures may improve your smile, give us a call so we can get you started on the road to a perfect smile.


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Dr. Shahkarami and her team believe every patient deserves the benefits of a healthy mouth and confident smile. A variety of payment options makes high quality dental care affordable to virtually every budget.

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