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Is your smile prepared for optimal recovery time after an extraction? To ensure recovery time can be as minimal as possible, it is a good idea to set a plan in place early and establish clear recovery tips and options to use. This includes what you can do to prepare your mouth for the extraction, and make sure that the adequate methods are available for optimal recovery time.

The most important thing you can do is rest. Resting after an extraction allows the area around where the tooth was, plenty of time to heal properly and effectively. If applicable, do not partake in any strenuous labor or gym time until your mouth has had an adequate chance to heal.

If your dentist prescribed any medications for you to use, use directly as instructed. Follow all instructions your dentist gives and alert them if there are any unusual changes in your recovery. To help reduce inflammation, ice packs can be used. If anesthesia is given during the treatment, do not eat or drink until it has fully worn off, as this can pose a serious choking hazard.

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