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The third molars in the back of your mouth generally attempt to emerge in your later teenage years. When this happens, these wisdom teeth can cause discomfort and potential pain. Since there is little room available in the back of your mouth, the vestigial molars can become trapped or otherwise impacted.

When this occurs, the wisdom tooth could cause a dental cyst, increased pressure, discomfort or a potential infection. As time goes on, an impacted wisdom tooth could even threaten the otherwise healthy root of your rear molars.

Sometimes the wisdom teeth can be removed in a dental office. However, a deeply impacted wisdom tooth might require surgical extraction with full sedation at SoCalSmiles Dental Office.

After the extraction, it will take an hour or two for the sedative to fully dissipate. You will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home and help you out for a little while as the sedative wears off.

Additional postoperative care instructions and any pertinent prescriptions for pain medications will be given to you by your oral surgeon.

If you live in the Tarzana, California area and you are experiencing wisdom tooth discomfort, you should call 818-345-5286 to schedule a consultation at SoCalSmiles Dental Office.