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A common oral health care hazard that can arise at any time is known as an oral emergency. Oral accidents and emergencies can lead to severe oral ailments with your health if they are not treated properly. It is important to always make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums should an oral emergency arise. Effective planning for any accidents that can occur can drastically improve your chances for success should the worst come to pass.

If an oral accident has occurred, it is important to stay calm and administer any treatments that are necessary. For example, if you have severely bitten your tooth or a tooth has been knocked loose, it is important to cover the wound with the dental gauze until bleeding has stopped. In addition, clean out the area of any debris to ensure that infections cannot occur.

If you suffer an oral emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, it may be possible to still save the tooth. If a tooth has been knocked out, locate the parts and place them in a liquid solution for potential saving later. Place the tooth or bits of the tooth in the liquid as soon as you can. If the tooth dries out, the likelihood of it being reinserted into your mouth is extremely low, so I must be stored in a liquid immediately. Common liquids that you can use include products such as Save-A-Tooth, and milk.

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