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New Patients: (818) 210-3885

Existing Patients: (818) 345-5286
18399 Ventura Blvd #251
Tarzana, CA 91356


Countless men and women avoid professional oral care due to dental anxiety. Others simply cannot take time from their busy schedules for multiple appointments. Sedation dentistry can be a soothing solution to these and other issues. The team at SoCalSmiles Dental Office in Tarzana offers safe sedation options.

Sedation basics

Sedation is not a pain blocking medication. Sedation dulls anxiety centers in the brain, allowing you to relax emotionally and physically for dental treatment. Numbing may still be needed. Our dentists and staff are well-trained in administering sedation. Your wellbeing is monitored carefully, and you are not left alone.
Sedation Tarzana

Sedation options

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) – Nitrous oxide is inhaled to quickly induce a carefree state of mind. This is an excellent choice for those who just need to “take the edge off,” or are concerned about injections. The effect wears off almost immediately when the flow of gas is stopped.
  • Oral sedation – This medication, in the valium family, is taken in pill form. A dose the night prior helps you rest, and another just before your appointment puts you at ease for treatment. Though some patients are so relaxed that they doze off, you are conscious – able to breathe naturally, communicate, and move around if necessary. It takes a few hours for grogginess to wear off, so please arrange for a ride to the office and back home.
  • IV sedation – This is also a form of conscious sedation, but administered intravenously (into a vein). It takes effect quickly and the level of sedation can be precisely adjusted during treatment to ensure your comfort. This deeper level of relaxation allows the dentist to complete complex or multiple procedures in one visit. Again, with IV sedation you will need a driver. Most patients have little or no recollection of treatment when the sedative wears off.
Get your smile back on a healthy track with gentle sedation options at SoCalSmiles Dental Office in Tarzana. Call (818) 210-3885.