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Are you in need of a tooth replacement via dental implants, but your jaw isn’t strong enough to support the implant? If so, a bone graft can be used to strengthen your smile and your jaw to allow an implant to be placed.

The decision as to whether you need a bone graft is often determined based on your dentist recommendations. According to the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, also known as AAOMS, bone graft treatments should always be used in situations where a jawbone is not strong enough to hold a dental implant. However, bone grafts can also be used for additional periodontal dentistry procedures.

If your dentist decides that a bone grafting treatment is necessary, please be advised that it will take several months for the graft to strengthen along with the bone to a point that dental implants can then be placed, unless a very small graft is needed. Furthermore, bone grafts don’t always need to be pulled from your body. Although most bone grafts are pulled from bone from another section of your body, modern technology has allowed the creation of artificial grafts to be implemented.

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