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Sometimes you find yourself with a bloated stomach because you ate too much. This is common around the holidays, especially because there are many foods and treats around. For some people, this overeating is an actual habit for them, and they have to deal with it all year round. If you’re one of those people, it’s best to help your health and smile by avoiding this habit. When it comes to your smile, overeating exposes the teeth to many harmful substances for a long period of time. So, please follow Dr. Alexi Eyvazi’s advice and do your best to avoid overeating.

Your dentist first recommends only eating when you’re hungry. Our bodies are smart. They tell us when we’re hungry and they tell us when we’re not. So, listen to your body, only eat when you’re hungry, and avoid eating just for the heck of it. You might want to eat when you’re sad, bored, or thirsty, but it’s best to get a drink of water and distract yourself.

Second, try to eat fatty foods at first. Fatty foods are the key components to satiety. They give you the full, satisfied feeling after you’ve eaten a nice meal. If you eat these foods first, you’ll get full quicker, and it will stop you from overeating. These foods will also help you feel fuller longer, which can help you wait to eat until the next meal.

Third, don’t starve yourself. If you follow the first rule, this rule is easy. Keep an apple or granola bar in your bag and eat them when you’re hungry. Do not starve yourself because if you’re extremely hungry and you’re standing at a table covered with food, you’ll feel like you can eat it all—and you’ll most likely try.

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